Supported Decision-Making Technical Assistance Program Survey

and Community Conversations by the State Council on Developmental Disabilities

Community Event

Supported Decision-Making (Toma de decisión con apoyos – SDM) is a way to help people who might have trouble making decisions on their own. This can include people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, people with dementia, or anyone else who might need a bit of extra help understanding their options and making informed choices. SDM is a process that respects people’s rights and dignity, promotes independence, and prevents abuse or exploitation. 

SDM is now codified in California law. This survey is intended to get public input on a new grant program designed to expand and strengthen the use of SDM. Your input will inform planning as the State Council of Developmental Disabilities creates the grant structure and administer the grants. 

The SDM-TAP Grant Input Survey is estimated to take about 10 minutes. You can view and respond to the survey using the link, email your responses to call the State Council on Developmental Disabilities at (916) 263-7919.

For details on the survey, click this link.

If you have additional questions, need language translations or additional support, please email the SDM-TAP team at