Mai Gee

Cultural Diversity Specialist


Mai Gee has 10 years of social work experience and initially started her journey as amental health counselor. In 2018, she transitioned to Alta California Regional center and dived into her work as a Service Coordinator in a children’s unit. Her experience would continue to grow as she moved into a role as an Intake Specialist where she helped families navigate and complete the intake process. It allowed her to be the first point of contact for families, especially Hmong families which created a positive foundation for them to move forward with the process. Being of Hmong descent, Mai Gee can relate to Hmong families culturally and help eliminate barriers that may have prevented them continuing with the Intake process. Now, in 2022, Mai Gee serves as ACRC’s Cultural Diversity Specialist. 

When she learned that the Cultural Diversity Specialist role was available, Mai Gee was excited to apply. Her experience with removing barriers easily transitions into her current role because a pivotal part of her job is to advocate and provide equal opportunities for clients to receive services and educate staff on the diverse cultures we serve. Her favorite part of her job is working with staff members throughout the regional center.

As a first-generation Hmong-American, Mai Gee struggled with balancing the identities and cultures. Hmong New Year is an important event for her because it is a time where the Hmong community can come together and celebrate their culture and who they are. They celebrate their accomplishments for the year and provide love and support to each other. For Mai Gee, participating in Hmong New Year festivities is important because it pays homage to everything they have achieved.