Long started his career in social work in 2015 at Hmong Lifted Underserved Barrier. During his time there, he focused on encouraging Hmong families to get healthcare screenings and access generic resources. Often, he was tasked to outreach to the community in South Sacramento.

Eventually, Long transitioned to Alta California Regional Center as a Service Coordinator because he wanted to dive deeper into the service delivery system and help clients and families connect to resources. As a Service Coordinator, Long has built trust and bonds with his Hmong families because he can overcome the previous language and culture barriers as a Hmong person. The families he works with are being understood and have an easier time sharing their needs and wants because of the shared culture.

Long’s favorite part of being a Service Coordinator is helping families meet their needs and impacting their lives in a bigger way than he could prior to his role. He specifically likes to help clients transcend any disparities that may have been present before. Long enjoys being a source that families can trust.

Hmong New Year is an important time for Long and many Hmong families. It is an 
opportunity for him to reunite with family who may live farther away and connect with 
friends. Long values the traditions that Hmong New Year holds, one of them being the 
releasing of spirits to enjoy the new year and festivities. Long values the traditions that Hmong New Year holds, one of which is honoring his ancestors and spirits and welcoming a new year.