Service Coordinator


Emily is a Service Coordinator for Early Intervention, with 20 years of social work experience. She has primarily worked with youth, starting off her career with providing services for emotionally disturbed children. She moved on to child action, which provided subsidized child care for low income families. Eventually, she would find her way to Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) in the Early Intervention unit.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Emily’s job is being able to meet with families and provide services to infants and toddlers. Despite the challenge of finding accessible resources for her families, she works hard to educate and inform them. In addition to her work, she has found a meaningful community with her colleagues. Her coworkers are always willing to help and collaborate to achieve the best possible outcome.

Emily is of Guatemalan and Honduran descent. She enjoys being a source of representation for her families and recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month as a chance to showcase your pride for your heritage. Emily helped represent ACRC at the La Familia Celebration & Health Fair on Friday September 23, 2022. You can check out ACRC’s booth on our Facebook page.  She believes it is important to have models who can serve as representation, along with being the representation for her clients.