Dr. Wardinsky

Staff Physician


Dr. Wardinsky has been dedicated to serving the members of the disabled community for 50 years as a Pediatrician and Genetic/Congenital Defect consultant. He started his career at ALTA California Regional Center (ACRC) 25 years ago as Clinical Director and currently holds the position of Staff Physician providing medical consultation to Service Coordinators and clients. Dr. Wardinsky has always had a strong interest in providing care for people with Intellectual Disabilities and chronic illnesses.

The catalyst to Dr. Wardinsky’s career occurred during his Pediatric Residency training after medical school. He witnessed a mother adopting a baby with Down Syndrome being explicitly told by the advising Genetic doctor that “she should not adopt this inferior baby”. The mother became very visibly upset and ultimately ignored the objections and adopted the child. Dr. Wardinsky realized individuals with Intellectual Disabilities were not valued and he wanted to support them.

“People with Developmental Disabilities and their families, have taught me so much about life. They have no prejudices – they tell it like it is,” Dr. Wardinsky thoughtfully stated. His interest in working for Alta California Regional Center was piqued by the opportunity to review, advise and work with chronic conditions of disabilities. In addition, he was impressed by the wealth of programs offered by California’s Regional Center System.

“ACRC was really the uniting factor and environment to help people improve their health and get services,” he said.  Dr. Wardinsky continues to work for the agency because of the caring atmosphere the Service Coordinators provide. He considers his colleagues to be gregarious, passionate, fun people who genuinely care about their work and the clients they serve. Dr. Wardinsky sees the value of continuing his work because of the passion and drive to help others that is the culture of ACRC.

Given the gravity of the position Dr. Wardinsky holds and the work he does, he calls it a very “rewarding experience”. As an example, When Dr. Wardinsky first started at ACRC, he recognized dental care needed improvement. He worked tirelessly for the Regional Center to get several grants to provide dental care for our clients. He has the opportunity to recommend good treatment and said, “It is really gratifying seeing clients get better (health) and live fuller lives and to support their families and or care providers.”

Dr. Wardinsky is very appreciated at Alta California Regional Center for his dedication, compassion, professionalism, and his noticeably calm yet upbeat personality. He is much loved member of the staff and his efforts have made an outstanding, positive impact on our clients.