Angie Li

Service Coordinator


Angie Li attended University of California-Davis and received a bachelor’s in literature in 2018, and then a master’s in literature in 2021. During her time in school, she was a peer advisor and liaison between students and their department, which added to her abilities to advocate and inform.

Her first encounter with Alta California Regional Center began at a job fair, and she was impressed with how the representative staffing the ACRC booth explained ACRC’s mission and contributions to the population they serve. Angie Li knew she wanted to work for a place that does good things, and decided to further research ACRC. She recognized the world didn’t shine much light on the disabled community, but felt impressed that ACRC served the population. She decided to join the team, and in December 2022 she began her career as a Service Coordinator.

Meeting with clients is her favorite part as a Service Coordinator. She serves children and their families and finds it fascinating to learn their stories along with providing them knowledge and empowering them as advocates. She admires the strength the families have and continually learns how she can better help them. Additionally, the Asian and Chinese clients Angie Li serves feel more comfortable because she can communicate with them without a language or cultural barrier.

Angie Li is Chinese and first-generation immigrant. Angie Li recognizes her community is scattered throughout California, but Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month allows for their community to unite and be seen and recognized. Angie Li enjoys sharing and celebrating her culture and being able to come together.