Schedule Your SDP Orientation Here


The Self Determination Program (SDP) orientation is required by law in order to participate in the program.  The orientation is available on Alta’s Learning Management System (LMS).  This allows people to access the orientation on the web whenever they want.  Please follow the instructions below to access the SDP module in our LMS:

-Go to our ACRC LMS Family link: 

-Register a for a new account using your preferred email address.

-After registration, you will be asked to login using the credentials you created which will take you to the Learning Management System (LMS) Home Page.

-From there entering “SDP” in the search bar will provide options for the SDP Orientation in both Spanish and English.

-You can click Enroll in the Self-Determination Orientation module of your choice.

If support is needed with any of the above steps please feel free to contact us for assistance.