Executive Committee Agenda

Monday, November 5, 2018, at 5:30 PM in Brenda Smith Conference Room


1.  State Budget Update (combined with Finance Committee)

2.  Welcome and Introductions

3. * Approve meeting minutes of 10/9/18

4.  New Business

  • Letter from DDS about caseload ratios – Phil Bonnet

5.  *Old Business

  • Board Meeting Facilitation/Support Workgroup Status Update – Austin Taylor
  • Board Meeting Attendance Issue Update

6.   Committee Reports

  • Board Development Committee – Rita Walker
  • Personnel Committee – Dan Lake

7.  President’s Report – Dan Lake

8.  Executive Director’s Report – Phil Bonnet

9.  Announcements (include date of next meeting)

10.  EXECUTIVE SESSION (if necessary) – CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC (per W&I Code, Sec. 4663) – Real Estate, Personnel and Legal Issues

11. Adjournment    

                                            * Action item

Due to issues of confidentiality, portions of this meeting may be closed to the public per W&I Code, Section 4663(b).

All Board members are welcome to attend.  Committee members who will not be able to attend this meeting or would like to participate by phone should call Lisa West at (916) 978-6245. Any questions should also be directed to Ms. West.