Self-Determination Program click here

The Self Determination Program (SDP) has begun! As a reminder, the SDP will begin with 2,500 clients state-wide chosen by the  Department of Developmental Services (DDS). The number of client chosen to participate from ACRC catchment area is 179.  

 The names of the participants for the first three years, were identified on October 1, 2018 and have been notified via a letter, sent by the DDS.  Clients not selected to participate at this time will be notified by mail as well.  

If you would like to confirm your status now, please access the DDS SDP webpage link below and click on the Implementation Update..

If you or a family member have been selected to participate in the initial roll out, you have been notified of the dates for SDP orientations.  To participate in the SDP, you must attend an SDP orientation.

Following the initial three year roll out, the Self Determination Program will be available to all regional center clients over the age of three.

To learn more about this new way of receiving services, view and listen to the SDP Information Meeting training posted here DDS SDP Information Meeting Training- This is a narrated PowerPoint.  Viewing this meets the training requirement to have your or your family member’s name added to the list of people interested in participating in the initial roll out of the SDP.