ACRC partners with USC Telehealth

Sep 10, 2014
ACRC is partnering with USC Telehealth – Free Professional Counseling for parents, families, and caregivers of Children and adults with special needs and/or developmental disabilities.
 USC Telehealth Free Professional Counseling
 USC Telehealth Asesoramiento Profesional Gratuito

Alta & USAID hosts Belarus visitors

Sep 10, 2014

On Monday, July 28th, Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) had the pleasure of partnering with USAID (United States Agency International Development) to host a group of developmental service professionals from Belarus. These individuals started their day visiting Alta sponsored day programs located in Sacramento. They came to ACRC’s main office, where they were given a tour and enjoyed lunch with members of the staff and governing board. We provided them with lots of information about the services and supports that the California regional center system provides to the thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities in our state. We were so grateful to share our knowledge and experiences to better the lives of those affected by developmental disabilities here in California and halfway across the globe                            

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Sep 1, 2014

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