There are three types of billing processes, each with its own type of invoice: E-Billing, Habilitation Processing, and paper invoices. When practical, all service providers will be encouraged to use the E-Billing system.

E-Billing - Paying Without Paper

The web-based E-Billing system is on a secure website which encrypts all data being sent back and forth between service providers and Alta. This system is user-friendly and is a more efficient way for us to process payments, eliminating the paper involved in paying by check and handling invoices. The E-Billing system can access billing and pay history on-line at any time, anywhere. In addition, the environmental impact is another advantage. To use the E-billing system, you must first complete theE-Billing Enrollment packet.

Computer and Internet Access – We have put together a non-exhaustive list of public access to computers and the web for service providers.

E-Billing Training – Click here for E-Billing Training Documents.

Civilian – Military Time Conversion - The new E-Billing system uses 24 Hour Time (sometimes called Military time) to record in and out times. See the attached table for a quick reference for Civilian – Military Time Conversion.

Habilitation Processing

The processing of habilitation services (SEP GP – SC 950) are invoiced electronically using a 3-part Excel spreadsheet (DS 1964). The Service provider completes the invoice and provides attendance documentation by submitting the DS 1964 through email to Alta at:

The form DS1964, can be obtained from the Department of Developmental Services at

Paper Invoicing

Paper invoices containing pre-printed vendor specific information are mailed or emailed at the end of each month from Alta to the service provider Completed paper invoices are returned to Alta with supporting documentation by mail, email or fax only.

Email -
FAX - 916.978.6288
USPS - ACRC - Attn: Accounting
2241 Harvard Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95815